Our Flower Arrangement Prices

As a guideline, here's what you can expect when purchasing a floral arrangement from our shop. Prices for a large, showy flower arrangement generally range from $90 and up.

Medium-sized floral arrangements are our best-sellers. Prices generally range between $65 - $85. We describe a medium-sized arrangement as one that would fit comfortably on a coffee table.

Smaller flower arrangements generally range between $40 - $60.

Prices are subject to market condtions, availability, and container choice.

Should you have any questions or concerns before ordering, contact us.. We're always happy to help.

Sympathy Flowers

Nearly every floral arrangement, blooming plant, green plant or dish garden featured on this site is appropriate to send to a funeral service or visitation. However, due to the personal nature of sympathy flowers, especially family flowers, most of our custom work is ordered in-store or by phone.

Here are some of the types of custom-designed sympathy flowers we offer:

Family Flower Packages

Family Full Tributes (includes Casket Spray, 2 Standing Pedestal Arrangements, Lid Interior Piece)

  • All Carnations: $500 (Budget), $625 (Standard), $750 (Deluxe)

  • All Roses: $700 (Budget), $850 (Standard), $1000 (Deluxe)

  • Mixed Flowers: $600 (Budget), $775 (Standard), $950 (Deluxe)
Standard Red Rose Package
Ala Carte Family Tributes

While most of the arrangements shown in our online selection guide fit these guidelines, there may be some exceptions.

If you have questions or need more specific information, please contact us.